Drone Inspection in Telecom Towers

Our services help improve the safety and productivity of your operations.

Drone Rulez demonstrates drone-powered solutions for inspections of powerlines, transmission towers, substations, cooling towers, etc. Our Survey Drone Service has gathered inspection data from major utility poles and towers around the nation during the previous few years. We use drones equipped with thermal and infrared sensors for aerial inspection, putting quality and efficiency first. We credit a lot of our success to the fact that our drone pilots have received specialized training for powerline and cooling tower inspections. They can see damage to these utilities and find out about it thanks to thermal imaging sensors.

Thermal imaging sensor-assisted survey drone services enable a more thorough and in-depth analysis of such utilities. It offers a wide range of advantages, such as improved operating efficiency, reduced downtime, improved data output, and enhanced safety. Less expense would be the main benefit of, say, a drone inspection of a tower. Hence, the technology can be used at a lower cost than an on-site crew for the same assessment.

Cell Transmission Tower Inspection

With the use of our aerial inspection service, we assist businesses in identifying structural issues, equipment problems, or potential threats to their cell towers. The collected data inspires clients to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. This survey drone service reduces any downtime brought on by alternative methods because tower inspections may be conducted while they are operating as they are. Due to data reliability, precision, live streaming, and zoom/thermal/4K capabilities, our aerial inspection process is more efficient..

Powerline Inspection

To attain engineering-grade levels of precision, we provide Powerline Inspection services and we also transmit geotagged data that was gathered through aerial inspection. We offer problems in tower Concrete basement, insulator and wire overheating, electric wire joints or wire break, cracks, etc., through a thorough powerline inspection. Our ferromagnetic-protected powerline inspection drones enable us to conduct inspections and fly safely close to the powerline's perimeter. This survey drone service is a great alternative to conventional techniques because it lowers expenses by 30% to 50%, protects workers, and produces more valuable work.