Why choose us!

We offer full-service data collection and processing solution

We go beyond help by adjusting our offerings to your knowledge and demands.

We use unique skills and advanced equipment to bring customers a first-class drone surveying and mapping experience. We strive to provide superior quality aerial drone surveying and mapping services with highly accurate topographic maps and centimeter-level accuracy at any given time.

Data is collected by our operations network and sent to our centralized team of processing and insight specialists. Granular insights and prioritized actionable recommendations are produced when our processing team’s expertise and an AI/ML-trained platform are combined.

Equipped with high-end surveying drones and a crew of skilled surveyors, we deliver results faster, enabling our clients to make more agile decisions.


Our Services

Drone Rulez is an aerial drone technology company that offers complete industrial UAV solutions to both public and private sectors across the world

Surveying & Mapping

We offer GIS, drone survey, land survey, stockpile volumetric analysis, slope monitoring, LIDAR, contours, and urban planning services.


We offer a variety of aerial inspection services, such as inspections of bridges, powerlines, wind turbines, solar panels, and railway tracks.

Progress Monitoring

We provide a full aerial view of the site progress report which enhances the speed and accuracy of building modeling .

Aerial Imaging

Our established drone pilots undoubtedly deliver breathtaking Drone pictures as they embrace the expertise and creativity required, aerial videography into the exceptional experience.

Data Processing

We have a team of GIS specialists and advanced compute servers and our powerful and persuading computing server scales up the data processing operations of 1000s of kilometers of aerial data.

Asset Monitoring

Our drone monitoring system speeds up data collection from remote locations, lowers a variety of dangers and expenses, and lessens the amount of on-site labor needed.