Drones in Mining

Our solution works on the overall efficiency of the large mine site and quarry management by providing accurate and comprehensive data.

Utilizing cutting-edge drone technology, Drone Rulez offers aerial mapping and surveying for mining sites. With great success, we have assisted both public and private businesses in increasing the effectiveness and productivity of sizable mine sites. We even provide speedy, precise, and in-the-moment stockpile management for project managers. Our GIS maps let operation managers make better decisions after meeting centimeter-level accuracy requirements, making mine more efficient and intelligent. Drone Powered Surveys are 100% safe, and smart management enables businesses to monitor stockpile management, mining operations, haul road optimization, water, and sediment flow, mining exploration, mine blast evaluation, etc.

Our drones reflect exceptionally accurate readings since they collect more than 1000 data points and up to 350 times as many data points for one stockpile as regular GNSS Surveys do. With the help of geotagging stockpiles and machine learning, we can deliver volumetric estimations with a 99% accuracy guarantee.

What We Offer!

Stockpile Reports

We advance stockpile volume estimation with 99% accuracy and further defeat issues concerning mine operations and personnel safety.

Mine Monitoring

We encourage mining site managers to outline and maintain site operations efficiently and we provide accurate drone data.

Elevation & 3d modeling

Our experts can replicate data such as GIS Maps, 3D models, and Photogrammetry to encourage clients to carefully examine the site to be drilled, extracted and guarantee sufficient resources

Safety & Compliance

We ensure employees, sites, and equipment are held to the highest safety standards and conduct regular equipment and infrastructure inspections quickly and efficiently