Drones in Power Line Inspection

Our solution will create a 3D model for your Transmission Towers & Power Lines

Using our drones, we will create a 3D model for your power assets, throughout the vast stretches of transmission line, local distribution lines or power plant. Drone inspections can significantly cut down on labor hours and expenses, saving 30 to 50% of both when power line inspections are done with drones.

Drones are the best option for power line inspections since they can cover a big area in quick time and are completely safe. Additionally, with real-time visualization of the power line components and their surroundings, your power engineers can concentrate on fault-finding and maintenance schedules.

What We Offer!


Create precise 2D and 3D models of power line corridors quickly. These models will help you keep a safe clearance space between vegetation and power lines


Drones with radiometric thermal sensors can measure the temperature of assets in real time and detect anomalies right away.


Drones can take off quickly, fly over vast distances in a single flight, and rapidly transmit actionable findings. They provide detailed information as well as thorough overviews, which aid in identifying risks to asset integrity and informing appropriate responses.


Drones offer an airborne viewpoint that, regardless of the environment, catches crucial information, allowing teams to respond promptly and reducing losses. Teams can precisely locate any flaws because to drones' simple operation, quick takeoff, and lack of severe set-up requirements.