Drones in Construction

Our solution gives better site preparation, planning, and construction progress monitoring

With our Drones, you will swiftly capture and compile significant volumes of real-time data for your construction site. The modern drone surveying methods pave the way for sound urban planning. We provide data collection services to city planners, architects, landscapers, tax collectors and administrators using 3-D surveying.

In comparison to conventional inspection methods, our drone cameras with their high-quality features not only capture more detail of the project, but also do it more efficiently and quickly. The images produced by drone cameras as well as with special sensors and sophisticated LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scanners are three-dimensional giving you great detail and a life-like feel for your project

With precise topographical data you will be able to address energy efficiency, project progress monitoring, sewage design, utility establishment, and detect unlawful constructions, encroachments, etc.

Pre Construction

Pre Construction

Create an interactive site view using maps, images, panoramas, and videos.



Create, document, and share a visual timeline with all stakeholders to keep teams on track

Post  Construction

Post Construction

Using airborne and ground images, safely capture every aspect of your job site in document form.

We can help with!

Our Drone Powered Solution

3d Modeling

3D or reality modeling, changing the presentation world for architects and designers to play around with different ideas and identify potential design problems before they become actual issues. 3D modeling in construction, by putting all the pieces together, provides a real-view of the finished project.

Progress Monitoring

Project managers use maps created from the drone data collected for ongoing monitoring and planning, preventing delays and escalating costs. Monitoring the progress of their projects enables our clients to keep their plans on track and avoid deviations. .

Site Mapping

Drone mapping is now faster, less expensive, and requires less labor-intensive civil engineering work than earlier techniques. With the advent of topographic surveys, drones may now easily access any location and provide exact haul costs, visual representations for evacuations, and stockpile measurements.

Orthomosaic Maps

One of the main use cases for an orthomosaic is simply to get an updated view of a large area of land. Google Earth is helpful, but often the imagery is outdated. Your new development project could be finished, new construction projects could be underway, or the landscape could have changed from natural disasters.